Hi! My name is Cindy Middleton, an outgoing, light hearted person with an energy that lasts for days. Photography has always been a passion project for me. If you ask my husband he will tell you I have always been the overzealous person always taking pictures. It has been my passion and aspiration to create a moment in time that is expressed infinitely.

With my artistic view, I am always excited to depict the emotion and connection of my clients. With a photograph comprised of light, a moment and composition; it is when everything else aligns that it is beautiful.

Welcome to the way I view the world, because every moment matters.


My Services



Make memories, document your love, and capture amazing moments and feelings in your life. I offer couple and engagement sessions, and wedding packages.


We’ll work one on one to bring your vision to life, whether its for your business or simply celebrating you. We can shoot in the studio or a destination session.


We grow and change so quickly, and forget that our day-to-day life is just as worthy of documenting! Create and capture memories of your newborn, family, and life.


I’d love to get to know you and what special moments you want to capture!
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